Now, digital content isn't the only thing you can buy through your TV: Portland's Chirpify launches #actiontags for TV

We’ve become very comfortable with the concept of buying movies and television shows from the comfort of our living room. And we already tweet a ton about what we’re watching. Well now, Portland’s Chirpify is going to combine those behaviors to extend that buying power to any number of products—with simply a tweet.

The concept is called #actiontags. And while I’ve mentioned them before, now they’re available on TV ads. Where a bunch of people are tweeting anyway.

Remember the Oreo campaign during the Grammys? Yup. Chirpify. And now they’re opening up that #actiontag behavior for any TV spot.

Chirpify’s move to TV is an extension of the action tag campaigns it’s already used for major companies in print and at live events. Chirpify has worked with brands like Adidas, Forever 21, and Lenovo to activate phrases on Twitter. How it works: A company chooses the hashtag that makes sense for its campaign, then displays the hashtag prominently in a TV commercial, as Oreo did. Chirpify helps the brand figure out what users get when they use the hashtag in a tweet. A car company might give away test drives in high-end cars, football teams might give away game tickets, and retailers might offer contests to win shopping sprees or swag. Chirpify handles the details, contacting users to collect their information.

Pretty cool. And way more efficient than that “we have operators standing by” hooey.

For more information, visit Chirpify.