What's your biggest dream? Give your elevator pitch in Portland's living room

The elevator pitch. To many, it’s the quintessential story any entrepreneur tells. That moment when—confronted with short window of opportunity—a founder has the potential to succinctly tell his or her story. Or has the potential to fail miserably. But how often, seriously, does one get to give this little pitch in an elevator?

Well, now you do. In an elevator. In Pioneer Courthouse Square—Portland’s living room—of all places. But you’ll have to prepare quickly.

On Wednesday, March 19th, University of Oregon students will be taking over Pioneer Courthouse Square from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. as we kick off the 23rd Annual New Venture Championship, a competition giving entrepreneurial students around the world the opportunity to get feedback from world-class judges and gain recognition from investors. Passersby will be invited to step into an elevator structure, designed by Pressure Point Creative, and posed the question, “What’s your biggest dream?”

So if you have a few minutes on Wednesday, swing by the Square. And give your best elevator pitch. Literally.

This could be both really good practice and a really interesting way to get your story out there. Plus you’ll be supporting the project of someone just as entrepreneurial as you, Kayla Ackerman, an Oregon undergraduate and School of Journalism student.

For more information, visit the Oregon New Venture Challenge.

(Image courtesy Maureen McLaughlin. Used under Creative Commons.)