Portland could host a crowdfunded startup pitch competition. Portlandia skit? Nope. Pitchlandia.

Leave it to Portland to do things a little differently. And to combine ingredients in new and interesting ways. Even when it comes to startup competitions. Like Pitchlandia, a crowdsourced, crowd-based, crowd-selected startup event featuring pitches from particularly Portland-themed companies.

You may have heard that Portland has a reputation of being different. Pitchlandia wholeheartedly embraces that. No judges, no grand prize, no exclusive limitation to one industry. Instead the companies, pitches, funding, and the votes are all driven by you and your fellow Portlanders.

Each company will have a few minutes to pitch and a few minutes for questions from the panel and audience. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the founders and idea generators at their tables in the lobby before and in between the pitch sessions. After the pitches, each attendee gets to mark a ballot with 10 or fewer choices. Ballots will be counted, and funding will be awarded, right then and there. How much funding is there to be had? That depends on the crowd and the raging success of our Crowd Supply campaign.

Sound interesting? Well, you’re in luck. Because it’s a crowd thing and you can totally get involved.

Head on over to Pitchlandia to get more details on the event. Or visit the Pitchlandia Crowd Supply campaign to help underwrite the effort.

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it on stage? Apply to present.