I don't always get scooped, but when I do, I get scooped by TechCrunch: Moot rebrands as Muut

Now, let’s be honest here. Silicon Florist? Not exactly a “breaking news blog.” Usually, I’m not chasing exclusives or publishing as embargoes expire. But I tend to be lucky enough to know when Portland news is breaking—whether I actually act on it or not. Except for today. When I got fully scooped as Muut (nee Moot) hit TechCrunch with news of their rebrand and initial funding.

Moot.it, a startup launched last April to do away with ugly online forums by offering a flexible, customizable and more modern-looking platform for online discussions, has raised $770,000 in new funding and is changing its name to Muut. (Hey, they wanted the .com, so you get what you get these days.)

The funding was led by Oregon Angel Fund, and the other notable investor is the Portland Seed Fund.

Long story short, this Portland startup has raised money and OAF and PSF are in the mix. It’s not clear whether they’re part of the PSF class or simply an investment by the fund as details about this year’s companies are being kept under wraps.

For more on the story, read TechCrunch or The Oregonian. For more on the company, visit Muut.