Portland startup Little Bird continues to secure experienced talent

It’s always a good sign when Portland startups are starting to attract executives with a wealth of experience. We’ve seen the trend growing with companies like Puppet Labs, Cedexis, and Little Bird. But Little Bird isn’t done yet. They have just added Carmen Hill from Babcock & Jenkins as their Director of Marketing.

I am very excited to announce that Little Bird’s marketing and sales enablement is about to get a very big boost when Carmen Hill joins our leadership team next month as Director of Marketing!

Carmen has won awards for her content strategy of projects she led for Google, Adobe, Jive and others while at agency Babcock and Jenkins. (She led content strategy on projects that won Content Marketing World Silver awards for Best Content Campaign, Best Landing Page and Highest Response Rate Generated.) Our own data shows (see below) that she’s won the respect of many of the most influential people in the B2B marketing world. She’s also humble, kind and a great person to be around. We’re very honored to have Carmen join our growing team as we challenge early models of social network use for business and herald a new horizon of opportunity!

Carmen joins the growing Little Bird team, which has been funded by the likes of Mark Cuban, Howard Linzon, the Oregon Angel Fund, and PIE. (Did I mention that PIE applications close April 30?)

For more information, see Little Bird’s post on the hire.

[Full disclosure: Little Bird is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder of PIE.]

  1. Thanks Rick! You’re right to emphasize the impact of senior execs. Wow! Dear PIE companies of the future: getting yourself into a position to hire people who have years of national-level success doing the kind of work you’re hiring them to do is amazing!

    We are SO excited to get to work with Carmen now !

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