Breaking new ground for Startup Grind: Portland chapter underway for popular Google for Entrepreneurs backed organization

Maybe you’ve heard about the Google for Entrepreneurs powered event Startup Grind. Maybe you’ve heard about our over 80 chapters in more than 25 different countries. Maybe you’ve heard about our ability to consistently bring in legendary speakers from communities around the world. Or maybe you’ve just heard about our laid-back but rewarding atmosphere and are eager to learn more.

Regardless of what you’ve heard, now is your chance to experience it in person! The Startup Grind is coming to Portland and we’re aiming for a big May launch to get things started right.

Who We Are

The Startup Grind is a “fireside-style” interview and networking event that features successful local entrepreneurs, investors, and educators who come and share their story for the benefit of their peers, colleagues and aspiring professionals. Each event is filmed and shared internationally through the Startup Grind’s global website, creating a source of inspirational content for members of the startup community.

We kickoff each event with an hour of food, drinks, and networking, then move in to the formal program, which consists of a 45 minute interview with the guest speaker and 15 minutes of Q&A. Following the program, we invite our guests to stay for an additional hour of networking and the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with our speakers.

What’s New for 2014

This year Google for Entrepreneurs has committed over $1 million in aggregate to 40 startup-focused organizations, challenging them to increase the representation of women in their respective tech communities. As one of their partners for the #40Forward: Rethinking the Gender Gap program all of our Startup Grind chapters around the world will feature female speakers during the month of May. – which is why I need your help!

Portland Call to Action

We’re looking for submissions from the Portland entrepreneurial community to help us find a local female entrepreneur who is making—or has made—a big impact here to come and share her story.

We have some great speakers in mind, but its not about who we want to see – we want to know who the Portland community wants to see!

Portland has a mile-long list of amazing companies with even more amazing founders behind them. But when it comes to female-founded companies, there seems to be a lack of evangelism—and we can put a stop to that!

Please join our Startup Grind Portland Meetup group and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. If you wanna chat more, please just shoot me an email. It’s encouraged.

  1. Hey Jmartens,

    I agree Portland as a lot of meetups but as one that is Google for Entrepreneurs powered with international reach, over 85 chapters and 25 different countries, we are able to record the stories of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and educators here in Portland to share their accolades around the world.

  2. I wish all the events that pop up around town would think more like startups. They should look at the market, see if there is a gap they can fill, then introduce a product that meets market demand.

    All this to say….do we really need yet another event/meetup?

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