What beginners teach us: New Relic FutureTalk with Selena Deckelmann

Much of the startup scene is struggling to find the talent they need to build the products they want to build. And it’s not getting any easier to find those folks. That means, there are more and more people who see the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to go after those jobs. That means a lot of newbies.

One thing the tech scene has never done especially well is to integrate those new would-be developers into the fold. And Portland’s Selena Deckelmann has some ideas on how we can improve that. She’ll be sharing those thoughts at the next New Relic FutureTalk.

Open source as an idea has won. Linux dominates developer servers, open source tools are ubiquitous and being an open source developer rocks. And yet, we talk frequently about how to find new contributors, how to increase the number of people who participate and share code with us, how to improve the skills of the junior developers and hire them as fast as we can.

Selena has spent a considerable amount of time teaching absolute beginners how to program in Python, how to use the command-line and how to use revision control. These beginners succeed and fail in open source in both familiar and surprising ways. In this talk, she will share lessons from their experiences to help us create a more inclusive and welcoming future for open source software. Further, she will provide insights into the code review process, and how learning how to give code review (not just receive code review) is critical to becoming an expert developer.

The event will be held Monday, May 12 at 6:00PM hosted at New Relic’s offices.

For more information or to RSVP, visit FutureTalk with Selena Deckelmann.