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[UPDATED] Have questions about the Portland tech and/or startup communities?

You’ve done your homework. You’ve thumbed through “How to Portland startup scene.” You scan Calagator on a regular basis. You attend any number of events. You pop into the Portland Startup Slack every now and again. And you’ve both asked and offered on Portland Startups Switchboard. But still. You’ve still got a few questions about the Portland startup community. Read More

Talking unikernels with Docker at the New Relic FutureTalk

One of the things I love most about Portland is its culture of curiosity. We want to try the new stuff. To take risks with early technology. And to figure out how we can make use of the latest and greatest. It’s what keeps our tech community at the creative edge. So it’s highly likely that a number are well phrased in the concept of unikernels. Read More

REMINDER: New Relic FutureTalk with Hideshi Hamaguchi, tonight

Back in the early days of Silicon Florist, one of the first startups I began covering regularly was a Portland startup called LUNARR. And while that venture didn’t achieve the stratospheric heights we all hoped it would, it did bring an incredibly thoughtful and interesting cofounder to the fore in Hideshi Hamaguchi. Now, fast forward nearly a decade and Hideshi is speaking at New Relic’s FutureTalk, this evening. Read More

New Relic FutureTalk: Kyle Drake talks about the completely distributed Web

One of the nicest things about having a New Relic office in town is the fact that they take the time to program events for our community. What’s even better is when they highlight some of the amazing people we have here in Portland. Like Kyle Drake. Who will be speaking at the next event. Read More

REMINDER: New Relic FutureTalk "Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine: Opportunities and Challenges" with Bill Hersh

Wow. The last week kind of got by me. Sorry about that. I really wanted to get a post up for this sooner, but you know. Better late than never. Or something. And stuff. Anyway, if you’ve still got time open this evening, you should definitely try to catch Bill Hersh’s New Relic FutureTalk this evening, Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine:Ā Opportunities and Challenges. Read More

REMINDER: New Relic FutureTalk discusses diversity and education in tech, this evening

One of the more positive aspects of the talent crunch—from which practically every company is suffering—is a renewed effort to diversify the talent base from which to hire. We’ve seen both code schools—organizations endeavoring to make education more accessible—and discussions about diversity continuing to flourish. New Relic’s FutureTalks is no different. Read More

Mobile Strategy for Today and Tomorrow: New Relic FutureTalk featuring HP, Simple, and Urban Airship

Effectively employing mobile technology often involves impeccable timing. Reaching the customer when and where it is most appropriate and relevant. Speaking of timingā€¦ boy did we pick a time to talk mobile. Something tells me there are going to be quite a few mobile devices in use during this talk—given its proximity to the NCAA Football Championship game featuring the Oregon Ducks and some other team—but it should be a great discussion. Read More

Emergence of the marketing engineer: New Relic FutureTalk with Isaac Wyatt and Baxter Denney

Portland has a lot of tech. And Portland has a lot of marketing. But in the past, the two disciplines crossing over was a rarity. That’s starting to change as a new breed of marketing type becomes more and more prevalent: the marketing engineer. Join New Relic’s next FutureTalk to hear more about the concept. Read More

How do you get your kid interested in programming, robotics, and engineering? New Relic FutureTalk with Arun Gupta

It’s no secret. There is a a dearth of technical talent plaguing many startups. Yes, I said “dearth.” One way to begin to solve the problem is simple: give kids the chance to explore technical topics. But how do you go about doing that? Well, Arun Gupta from Red Hat has a few ideas. And he’ll be sharing them at the next New Relic FutureTalk on Monday, October 13. Read More

How science, machine learning, and augmented reality can improve your beer purchases: New Relic FutureTalk with Trace Smith

Now, I’m not one to overthink my beverages, adult or otherwise. But I am willing to admit that I could likely benefit from technology in that regard. I’m just not exactly sure how. Which is why I was intrigued by what Next Glass is doing: using science to recommend beer and wine to you. Read More