Been there, done that: Benefit from a wealth of experience at OEN's Entrepreneurial Summit

Whether you’re thinking about starting your own company or you’re currently riding the roller coaster of the startup world, it’s always good to hear from other founders who have been there and done that. Especially when you can get feedback from a broad range of folks. And that’s what I love most about OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit.

Fuel your own entrepreneurial journey with the inspiring, honest stories of these entrepreneurs’ ups and downs.

As many of these entrepreneurs will attest, they couldn’t have done it on their own. The Summit will also include an “Entrepreneur’s Journey” Tradeshow, which includes the local organizations, accelerators, universities and government resources that provide support, mentorship and potential funding for entrepreneurs.

Featured speakers include:

The event will be held June 6 at the Kennedy School. Tickets are still available.

For more information, visit OEN’s Entrepreneurial Summit.