Simplifying the paperwork: Scoreboard has an elegant take on invoicing

One of my favorite things about working on Silicon Florist is finding those interesting products that aren’t getting the fanfare they deserve. Sometimes they’re side projects. Sometimes they’re going concerns. But they’re always awesome. And here’s another one I just stumbled upon: Scoreboard.

The product takes on the hassle of invoicing. And it does it in a way that makes the procedure of asking for and collecting money simple and elegant.

Handle all of your invoicing and tracking needs from your phone or tablet. Now it’s easy to stay up-to-date with tracking time and expenses while you’re away from your desk. Need to work on-site with a client or travel out of the country? Scoreboard has your back.

Improve the cashflow of your business by enabling your entire team to stay current with your projects’ hours and expenses from anywhere. Now there’s no need to wait until everyone is back in at headquarters to track hours and send invoices.

Now, I’ve used a ton of time tracking and invoicing tools in my day. It’s a crowded market. But no one seems to have quite hit upong the perfect solution. I’ve got to say that this one looks like it does everything it needs to do without adding anything more. If you’re looking to ease your financial paperwork—without a lot of unnecessary features or artifice—Scoreboard could be exactly what you’re seeking.

For more information or to begin your 30-day trial, visit Scoreboard.