Putting a name with a face: Remember

I am horrible with names. It’s a fault that I’m always working to fix. Because it generally hurts people’s feelings and makes me look like an ass. And I’ve got more than enough other ways to look like an ass. So I’ll take any little bit of help I can get. That’s why I was super interested to muck around with Colby Aley‘s latest project, Remember.

The concept is simple: flashcards. And even though it was thrown together quickly, it’s quite an elegant little tool.

Using your LinkedIn contacts, Remember shows you avatars and prompts you to remember a person’s name. When you think you’ve got it, reveal the name.

There’s absolutely no excuse for forgetting someone’s name. All it requires is a conscious effort.

With all this in mind, I took an afternoon to create a solution which would allow me to be better about remembering names. I wanted something that would be simple, easy, and fun.

Simple. Straightforward. Kind of awesome.

If you struggle with names, I’d recommend giving Remember a shot.