Want Portland to have Google Fiber? Show your support at the City Council meeting, June 11

We’ve been drooling over the possibility of Google Fiber in Portland for quite some time. And that dream is getting closer and closer to reality. But it still has a few hurdles to go. Or rivers to cross. Or something. So if you’re interested in showing your support for the project, you might want to show up at Portland City Hall on Wednesday, June 11.

The City of Portland does hereby grant to Google Fiber Oregon, LLC, who is qualified to do business in Oregon, and to its successors and assigns, a franchise to construct, operate and maintain in the Streets of the City a Network to provide Broadband and Video Services, which the City of Portland has determined is consistent with the goals of the City’s adopted Broadband Strategic Plan.

While it’s not clear the exact time, there’s a pretty full docket and they have a few events that will occur at 2PM. The Google Fiber discussion is docket item 605 (PDF). So you don’t have to be there right at 9:30AM, but you might want to get there early to grab a good seat.

For more information, review the Portland City Council agenda for June 11, 2014.

  1. While I think it is great to have more options for network connectivity and would welcome Google to Portland, I would like to remind Portland area businesses that XO has set out to spend 500M over the next 3 years to bring new fiber connections to customers to the metro markets. XO owns a nationwide backbone with links operating at 100 Gigabits per second and is a tier one provider of internet so why not find out if XO can put you directly on the internet?

  2. Do not want. Do want Frontier fiber everywhere.

  3. Hey Rick,

    The auditor’s office estimates that the council will take it up about 11:30. Mary Beth Henry, who’s coordinating the city’s effort at head of Portland’s Office for Community Technology, is in Italy but plans to Skype in (I believe that’s why they came up with a rough start time.)

    There won’t be public testimony, by the way. Folks can show up to demonstrate support but they won’t have the opportunity to chime in. All that was done at the first reading last month.

    — Mike

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