Portland, home to the world's first collectively owned, decentralized silent disco sound system — if this campaign funds

What if you could attend an event where you got to hear a DJ spin at whatever volume you wanted but was completely silent to passers by? Technology can make that happen. And if you kick in to this campaign, you’ll soon be kicking it at silent discos in Portland.

Leave it to Portland to come up with the “world’s first collectively owned, decentralized silent disco sound system.”

Our public spaces are there for us all to enjoy, but increasingly people are not permitted to gather and celebrate together in public parks, and definitely not make any noise, without an extensive (and expensive) permitting process. A silent disco system allows us to gather and talk and celebrate and dance together in public space, while respecting the fact that we do live in a dense urban environment and not everyone will want to participate.

There are a million ways we can use this technology to make Portland a more fun, creative, community-oriented place. We’re opening up the system in order to spur creativity, and invite as many different groups as possible to innovate and create engaging experiences with this medium!

Yeah but let’s geek out. What’s the technology?

The headphones pick up one of three channels from any transmitter in range. If you get your own transmitter, and your friends get heaphones, you can have your own silent discos wherever and whenever you want. But since everyone who participates in this campaign will be using the same inter-compatible transmitters and headphones, we can also converge and have MASSIVE silent discos together.

Sound cool? You can help this campaign succeed by buy the headphones at $28 a piece. Or you can set up your silent disco with a transmitter for $70.

For more information, visit world’s first collectively owned, decentralized silent disco sound system.