What's your glitch? Glitch Lab, Portland-built image glitching at its finest

You know how there are awesome projects all over Portland that you either a) don’t know about because I do a poor job of telling you or b) don’t know about because I just found out about them? Well, I was just sitting down to chat with the folks from Mountain Machine Games, a local game studio that works on some awesome stuff. And then, “Hey, did I ever tell you about our glitch app?” happened.

Um, no. What glitch app? Meet Glitch Lab. Or maybe you’ve already met Glitch Lab but had no idea it was Portland made. Whatever the case, get ready to mess up some images on your phone.

Glitch Lab is the most powerful photo ‘glitching’ app, offering a full range of tools and options to destroy your photos into the latest pop art trend. Best of all, it only employs pure jpg encoding glitching under the hood; no faking it. Includes ability to mask between three photos to create breathtaking effects.

Here’s my 10 seconds of mucking around glitching a screenshot of Glitch Labs in the App Store.

2014-07-16 10.51.01

Why would anyone want to do this? Why wouldn’t you? It’s a great way to muck around and create something unexpected. Even if you don’t use it to mess with LinkedIn.

For more information or to start glitching images yourself, check out Glitch Lab on your favorite iOS device.