Portland startup GraphAlchemist celebrates OSCON week by open sourcing Alchemy.js

While Portland is always an open source focused town, OSCON is the annual reminder that we’re the de facto hub of open source. So what better time, thought local startup GraphAlchemist, to contribute something awesome to the world of open source. Introducing Alchemy.js.

What is it? Well, GraphAlchemy focuses on data visualization—specifically around graphs like the social graph. And Alchemy.js is the company’s way of sharing a little of that magic with the community. It’s a JavaScript library “dedicating to visualizing complex graph information like social networks, supply chains, HR reporting hierarchies, and even genetic signaling data.”

What motivated the move to open source?

“One of the major reasons we decided to launch our open source project as way to tap into the talent and feedback of the open source community,” said cofounder Grace Andrews.

“It’s the right thing to do,” said cofounder and CEO Huston Hedinger. “We have a growing community of developers that are free to use and improve the software as they see fit.”

If you’d like to get more details from the team, catch up with them at OSCON or join in on their PDX Graph Meetup group.

For more information on the project, visit Alchemy.js.