Hacking on hardware? Beaverton has a startup accelerator for that

The Portland area has no shortage of startup accelerators. But the vast majority of them are focused on products that could be best described as ethereal. What about folks working in the physical world? Well, meet e1ectr0n, a Beaverton based accelerator designed to help folks working on hardware-based technology.

Housed at Axiom Electronics, the accelerator aims to help entrepreneurs with more physical technology projects.

Hardware development is hard. It’s also different; different from software and from other businesses. Hardware development takes a different set of steps to reach critical mass and change orbits, to expand beyond its beginnings and take flight.

At e1ectr0n there is a concentration of forces that are focused on hardware and those unique requirements for success. Axiom Electronics powers the incubator, bringing engineering and manufacturing capability, and many supporting companies and individuals bring expertise and knowledge.

Already have something in the works? Well, you’re in luck. OTBC has partnered with e1ectr0n for a hardware pitch contest on July 29.

The e1ectr0n Hardware Pitch contest is back for a second round on July 29, 2014. Supported by OTBC and Axion Electronics, this pitch contest is the starting block for the race to bring your product to market.

Along with cash prizes, the e1ectr0n Hardware Development Toolbox goes to the ultimate winner and supplies the building block tools for hardware development.

To apply for the pitch contest or to get more information in general, visit e1ectr0n.

  1. Rick — Thanks for covering the Pitch Contest. We’ve got pitches coming from a credit card-sized GameBoy on Arduino and a aerial wind-powered power generator. One applicant is pitching his self-righting UAV guidance system from his vacation in Malaysia–we hope he has the bandwidth to operate the Beam Pro telepresence robot at Axiom Electronics’ offices.

    Hope you can make it. If not, there will be a write-up on the winner and all teh [pitches by week’s end.

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