Golden birthday: It's August 7 and Silicon Florist turned seven years old today

“WTF am I doing?” I often ask myself. Arrington had already long gotten out of TechCrunch at this point. And yet here I sit. Posting. Day after day. Just like I did at 2AM seven years ago. About Portland. About startups. And about what you’re doing.

Why? Because I continue to be inspired by the Portland startup scene. I can’t help it. It’s been seven years. SEVEN YEARS. And I still do it. Habitually. All of the time. Practically every day. Writing about all of the amazing things you’re accomplishing.

I’m not really doing anything. But you are. And I want to amplify that.

Again, why? Because I don’t know why. Because you’re awesome. And inspiring. And you do cool stuff. And more people should be talking about it. And this little corner of the Web seems like a good place to do just that.

Still, why? I don’t know. You’ve all heard the origin story a thousand times. And my ebullient excitement—yes, I said “ebullient;” sue me—over what is happening in the Portland.

Because someone should be telling this story. And there’s probably someone much better to do it. But until someone with better grammar and more coherent prose shows up, I’m happy to keep doling out this rickety semblance of the English language.

Wait. Why am I explaining myself? It’s your fault. Honestly. You’re to blame. It’s not my stick-to-it-ed-ness. This is the longest I’ve showed up. Consistently. Day after day. For a job. But it’s because of you. You. I would have easily quit long ago. But I keep showing up. Because of what you’re doing. Because of what Portland is doing. Because of the potential here.

And I’m looking forward to continuing that trend.

Thank you, Portland startups. Sincerely. Thank you.

Thank you for letting me do a piss poor job of covering your progress and your potential and your awesomeness. Thank you.

It’s been an absolute pleasure.

Happy Birthday, Silicon Florist.

Now quit reading this drivel and go back to doing more awesome stuff that I can cover.

  1. […] Golden birthday: It’s August 7 and Silicon Florist turned seven years old today […]

  2. Keep it up! You and the site both rock in my book!

  3. Hey, belated birthday SF and congrats, Rick!

  4. Congratulations on 7 years of awesomeness, Rick.
    I recommend SF to many of the candidates we come across, and it has been an invaluable tool for keeping up (or trying to) with the PDX tech scene. Way. To. Go.

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