Thing Tuesday: Hear how Portland's PayRange is becoming the "Square for inanimate objects"

Portland’s affection for Internet of Things continues to grow. And there’s no better place to keep tabs on what’s happening than Thing Tuesday, Portland’s monthly IoT meet up. This month is no different, as September 16, Thing Tuesday brings a number of awesome speakers to the stage.

Paresh Patel – Nailing it with Payrange – “My plan was to sell 10,000 units in the first year. In the first 15 hours we sold 33,000 and had to pause.” I am thrilled to have Paresh come and talk and tell us how he created a hardware proposition that is simply FLYING off the shelves and how he created “Square for inanimate objects.”

Isaac Porras – Solar Power, Charging and Bicycles

Bryon Moyer – IoT Engineers need new resources – Bryon is a writer for EE Journal and other fine publications on the things that make up key parts of IoT – chips, modules, wireless etc . Recently has been researching into some of the issues and hurdles that engineers face when creating IoT solutions. In this talk he covers some of the key issues faced by engineers with IoT specifically.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Thing Tuesday.