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Thing Tuesday: Hear how Portland's PayRange is becoming the "Square for inanimate objects"

Portland’s affection for Internet of Things continues to grow. And there’s no better place to keep tabs on what’s happening than Thing Tuesday, Portland’s monthly IoT meet up. This month is no different, as September 16, Thing Tuesday brings a number of awesome speakers to the stage. Read More

More than chump change: Portland startup PayRange continues to gain traction with customers and investors

I don’t know if you know this but… word around the campfire is that this whole “payments” thing may be garnering a little bit of traction. So it’s nice to see that a Portland startup working on an interesting solution to the problem is gaining traction as well. Read More

Portland startup PayRange offers up simple mobile payments for vending machines

I was just talking about how Square has changed the way we pay for things around here. It wasn’t that long ago where you’d walk up to a food cart or a coffee shop and have to shell out cash. Now, more often than not, they’ve simply got the ability to swipe your card. Now, a Portland startup is looking to offer that same sort of simplicity for vending machines. Meet PayRange. Read More