How do you get your kid interested in programming, robotics, and engineering? New Relic FutureTalk with Arun Gupta

It’s no secret. There is a a dearth of technical talent plaguing many startups. Yes, I said “dearth.” One way to begin to solve the problem is simple: give kids the chance to explore technical topics. But how do you go about doing that? Well, Arun Gupta from Red Hat has a few ideas. And he’ll be sharing them at the next New Relic FutureTalk on Monday, October 13.

Devoxx4Kids is a worldwide initiative that introduces programming, robotics, and engineering to kids at an early age. This is achieved by organizing events where children can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics. This effort won Duke’s Choice Awards at JavaOne 2013. This session will share how Devoxx4Kids is engaging kids at an early age and teaching them computing concepts using Scratch, Greenfoot, Minecraft, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NAO, Tynker. The session will show a path that can be followed by parents to keep their kids engaged and build, instead of just play games. The attendees will learn best practices to organize similar workshops in their local setting. Tips on opening a local US chapter and how to build attendee base will be shared.

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