Be a Lush: iOS app for drink making helps folks feel more informed with cocktail selections

I don’t think it’s any secret that Portland knows its beverages. With a thriving brewing and distilling scene, we’re lucky to have a wealth of knowledge within arms reach. And any number of bartenders and mixologist who are willing to help us with those decisions. But sometimes, you could use a little help. Like Lush, the drink making app.

Ever wonder what to order at a bar, only to draw a blank and order a Bud Light again? With Lush, you no longer have to look like an novice. Rather than asking the bartender for “something fruity”, you can look like a pro explaining how to make a Vanilla Vixen. If the hundreds of drinks are overwhelming, a shortlist like Famous Movie Drinks should make your choice easier.

Hosting a party is also a breeze with Lush. If you only have Rum, Lime Juice, and Triple Sec on hand, Lush makes recipes appear instantly.

Lush was created by Portland developer Tim Wood. It’s currently available for $1.99 on iOS. And if you want to chat about it, it’s on Product Hunt, today.

For more information or to download the app, visit Lush.

(Hat tip Chris Messina)