PIE Demo Day 2014 livestream: If you can't join us in person, please join us from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device

Like any startup accelerator, PIE likes to make its demo days as accessible as it possibly can. We always host it in a big theater. But that sold out quickly, this year. So we added a simulcast venue thanks to our friends at eBay Portland. But now both of those venues are standing room only. So in order to make sure that everyone has a chance to experience the event, we’re going to be livestreaming PIE Demo Day again.


Livestreaming allows us to give even more more Portland folks access to see PIE Demo Day live. But it has an added benefit. It’s available all over the world. So now folks outside of the area have the chance to tune in, as well (Honestly—given that we now live in a world filled with early stage startup accelerators where folks could easily attend a demo day every day of the week—traveling to Portland for PIE Demo Day isn’t always as appealing as it once was. We get it.)

So save your airfare or busfare or pedaling power. Just kick back on Friday afternoon (or Friday evening or Saturday morning or whatever, depending on your time zone) to watch some awesome Portland startups revealing what they’ve been building over the last three months.

All from the comfort of your own Web browser.

Or hold your own viewing party. Like our friends at eBay. Either way.

Rest assured that—regardless of where you’re sitting—it wouldn’t be PIE Demo Day without you.

[Full disclaimer: As if the first person voice wasn’t hint enough, I’m the cofounder and general manager of PIE. And I would really appreciate your tuning in to PIE Demo Day. Pretty please? With sugar on top?]