Recurring billing with Bitcoin: Paydici partners with BitPay to simplify Bitcoin payments for businesses

Portland likes its Bitcoin. There’s little doubt. With any number of folks in town exploring Bitcoin—in typical Portland hobbyist fashion. And now a number of those efforts are translating into mature solutions. With interesting business potential. Portland’s Paydici revealed one such experiment today with recurring Bitcoin payments.

To bring this product to life, Paydici has partnered BitPay, one of the leaders in Bitcoin payments.

“This partnership is an exciting step forward for bitcoin and bitcoin billing. We hope to see bitcoin being accepted for memberships, rent, subscriptions, and even utilities,” said Tony Gallippi, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of BitPay. “Paydici will help open the door to spending bitcoin on these types of products and services.”

Paydici specializes in making billing easy. As more billers decide to accept bitcoin, a partnership that allowed Paydici clients to bill in bitcoin seemed inevitable. BitPay and Paydici are working together to make this billing process a reality. The addition of bitcoin to Paydici’s suite of paperless and traditional billing options gives Paydici an innovative edge.

Recurring billing with bitcoin has never been a straightforward process, particularly when the customer doesn’t want to give permission for a biller to pull funds from their wallet. Paydici’s implementation with BitPay is compatible with all bitcoin wallets, and the payer is always in control of pushing each payment from their wallet of choice.

For more information, visit Paydici.