A bigger slice of the PIE Demo Day: eBay Community Lounge volunteers to host simulcast

When we started PIE five years ago, we were very much focused on trying to enrich the Portland startup community. So when we converted from a coworking space to an accelerator, we decided to remain true to those roots. Part of that was making our Demo Days a little different. Instead of making it purely an investor invent, we wanted it to be a community event.

And so, for the past three classes, we have opened the doors to the public. So everyone had a chance to join us in welcoming piping hot new Portland startups to the community.

But this year, for our fourth class, we ran into a little problem. Our venue sold out in a matter of hours. And while we were humbled and pleased by this little turn of events—and happy to see that 600 folks were interested in meeting these new startups—we still couldn’t help but feel that we were limiting the whole “community” thing.

Enter eBay’s Portland office.

We’re excited to announce that we can now wedge more folks into the PIE Demo Day community experience. Thanks to the new eBay Community Lounge, a venue designed specifically for bringing the Portland startup and tech scenes together.

Here at PIE, we like to think of our Demo Day as a community event. So we’re always looking for ways to ensure we can get our awesome startup community together in person to take part in it. Although we’ve run out of room at our main location, we’re pleased to announce that our friends at eBay have been kind enough to host a PIE Demo Day simulcast. And they have room for 100 folks to join them.

Like the main venue, the tickets for the PIE Demo Day at the eBay Community Lounge are going fast, so please RSVP at your earliest convenience. And we’ll see you—through the magic of simulcasting—at PIE Demo Day 2014.

[Full disclaimer: As if the first person voice wasn’t hint enough, I’m the cofounder and general manager of PIE. And I would really love to have you join us for PIE Demo Day 2014.]

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