Feeling social? Grab the Portland Startup Summit social pass for free

I always like when events find ways to meet their bottom line and make their event accessible to as many people as possible. And that’s just what the Portland Startup Summit is doing. They’ve hit their numbers for paid attendees. So now, they’re offering up 100 social passes. For free.

While social pass holders don’t get the same access as paying attendees, they still get to partake in some of the awesome benefits of the event.

A Social Pass gets you into Holocene for the full day, along with our Official After Party at Doug Fir Lounge from 7 to 9 PM+.

As a Social Pass recipient, you’ll network and connect with attendees, vote for your favorite startup in our Pitch Challenge, and be able to tell your friends that you’re going to the best startup conference in the known Portlandian universe.

For more information or to get the discount code for your free pass, see the post on Portland Startups Switchboard.