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Continue your holiday season celebrations with the Products and Beers happy hour

Because they don’t want you to experience any sort of lull in merriment between your Thanksgiving festivities and the first holiday parties you’re attending, the folks at Assembly are throwing a happy hour while they’re in town for the Portland Startup Summit. Read More

Feeling social? Grab the Portland Startup Summit social pass for free

I always like when events find ways to meet their bottom line and make their event accessible to as many people as possible. And that’s just what the Portland Startup Summit is doing. They’ve hit their numbers for paid attendees. So now, they’re offering up 100 social passes. For free. Read More

Thinking of attending the Portland Startup Summit? Get the People's Pass

You know me. I always like seeing more startup oriented events in Portland. So I was pretty psyched to see the Portland Startup Summit get off the ground. And now I’m even more excited because they just released a ticket that’s super affordable for startup types. Read More

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