Mobile Strategy for Today and Tomorrow: New Relic FutureTalk featuring HP, Simple, and Urban Airship

Effectively employing mobile technology often involves impeccable timing. Reaching the customer when and where it is most appropriate and relevant. Speaking of timing… boy did we pick a time to talk mobile. Something tells me there are going to be quite a few mobile devices in use during this talk—given its proximity to the NCAA Football Championship game featuring the Oregon Ducks and some other team—but it should be a great discussion.

Newly public New Relic kicks of a new year of FutureTalks with “Mobile Strategy for Today and Tomorrow.”

Just a few short years ago, most organizations didn’t even have a mobile app. Today mobile has infiltrated virtually every sector of industry and mobile e-commerce generates over half of all e-commerce sales. Is it important for every organization to have a mobile strategy?

To address this question, New Relic is kicking off 2015 with our first ever FutureTalks PDX speaker panel! This event will bring together local thought leaders in the mobile app space to discuss the strategies and challenges their organizations face in building and managing high performing mobile apps or services, and the teams that support them.

The panel features speakers from HP, New Relic, Simple, and Urban Airship. Which is awesome. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to listen to me here and there. Which is not as awesome. But I promise to just smile and nod for the most part. Truth be told, it’s always my best contribution.

The event will be held this Monday at New Relic’s office. The panel begins at 6PM. And if you want to break away from work a bit early, there is a happy hour prior to the panel.

Tickets are still available.

For more information or to RSVP, visit New Relic FutureTalk: Mobile Strategy for Today and Tomorrow.

Also, if you’re looking for a new gig word around the campfire is that New Relic is hiring.