The Patriots and the Seahawks won't be the only ones busy on Super Bowl weekend: Sports Hack Day Portland

Like many industries, the world of sports is full of awesome data and tons of ways to rethink the way a user experiences the product. That’s why this Super Bowl weekend a bunch of Portland technology types are going to get together to hack around—and maybe tune into the big game.

How would you like to spend Superbowl weekend building applications that change the way people follow sports and interact with their favorite teams and fellow fans?

We’re gathering developers, data crunchers and sports fans from across the Pacific northwest to converge on Portland to hack on sports themed projects. We will wrap things up early on Sunday and then set-up for an (optional) group viewing of the Superbowl!

The event has been held in Seattle before. But this will be its first time in Portland.

Sound interesting? Join your peers starting Saturday, January 31 at 11AM at DevelopmentNow and continue on working until the game kicks off on Sunday. It’s free to attend and refreshments will be provided.

This inaugural event also serves as the kickoff of the inaugural Portland Startup Week, which is bookended by hackathons—Sports Hack Day and Little Oregon Laboratory—with a QuickLeft hosted hackathon in the middle.

It’s like the Big Mac of hackathon weeks.

Um. And now that I’ve managed to squeeze two references to Americana into this post, I should probably quit while I’m behind. ‘Murica.

For more information or to join in on the Super Bowl weekend fun, visit Sports Hack Day Portland.