Who's the big winner here tonight…? Stand In. Stand In is the big winner. Well and Quick Left.

I’m always happy to see people giving back to startups. Especially when it’s a Portland startup. And that’s why I am especially psyched to hear that Portland startup and PIE and TechStars alum Stand In is the winner of Quick Left’s “Adopt a Startup” contest.

Portland-based Stand In stood out in Quick Left’s Adopt a Startup accelerator-esque startup competition. Stand In, a Portland Incubator Experiment graduate, is an Adobe® Photoshop® based software, created specifically to enable designers to build functional mobile application prototypes directly from Photoshop, in real time. Stand In’s platform empowers designers to create those engaging experiences, on an actual device, without having to write a single line of code.

What’s the prize? Well, I’m glad you asked. it’s a whole bunch of help from Boulder-based Quick Left. Who, as luck would have it, also has a Portland office. Thanks to a merger with Portland’s Sprintly.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Quick Left for their first ‘Adopt a Startup Competition’!” said Kat Bobbitt Cofounder and CEO of Stand In. “We’re looking forward to being able to move even faster with the help of their talented developers. Quick Left is familiar with our market and the problem that we’re solving which makes them the perfect partner for us.”

For more information, see the Quick Left blog post. Or go hang out with Quick Left during Portland Startup Week.

For those of you wondering about the headline.

[Full disclosure: Both Stand In and Sprintly are former PIE residents. I am the cofounder and General Manager of PIE.]

  1. That is a fantastic reference. Man… Love the post title. everything is better now in the world.

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