Did someone say "road trip"? Ride along with Cargo as they head to SXSW

With this oddly unseasonal good weather, a weekend imminent, and spring break rapidly approaching, I know any number of us are catching ourselves daydreaming about a road trip or two. And one Portland startup, Cargo, is embracing that muse by taking a massive road trip. From Portland to Austin for SXSW. And you can follow the journey—in real time.

Cargo's journey

Not only that, but this road trip is educational. They’ll be talking with any number of interesting people as they continue along their journey.

Why a road trip? Well because Cargo is rethinking how developers interact with the connected car.

Connected cars are offering a new, quickly growing industry for applications and services. While car manufacturers are slowly rolling out connected services into the top new models of their vehicles, the solutions are proprietary and will take years to become ubiquitous.

Cargo is offering developers a similar type of access and compute power right now in a way that doesn’t lock developers into one car manufacturer’s system. We offer access via the same open source languages and tools developers are used to. This means tens of thousands of developers can immediately and easily build applications for all cars, old and new, regardless of the manufacturer.

For more information or to follow the journey, visit Cargo.