Developers! Developers! Developers! Ignite TAO Developer edition is imminent

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Portlanders like to talk. They talk about their ideas. Their concerns. Their hobbies. Their craft brewed bacon infused leather. Talk talk talk. And for many of them, one of the best formats to share those random thoughts remains Ignite. The 20 slides in 5 minutes madness that is just weird enough to be Portland weird. That’s why I’m psyched there’s another Ignite TAO taking place, Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Oh wait. That’s like really soon. Sorry. I did it again. But Ignite TAO 6? It’s all about the developers.

Who’s presenting? I’m glad you asked.

  • Ken York (@kennethryork) – #MakeItMeaningful
  • Pinky Gonzales (@pinkygonzales) – The Certified Customer and the Future of Product Marketing
  • Rich Bader – Rich Bader’s Excellent Pyrotechnic Adventures
  • Larry Taylor (@ltaylor_intel) – Conquering Municipal Services with the principles of ITIL & Service Management
  • Temese Szaliai (@temeseszalai) – Who do you think you are anyway?
  • Charlie Levenson (@CharlieLevenson) – Everything about Success in Life I learned at the Movies
  • Mounir Shita (@mounirshita) – “Al is going to change the world” – Really?
  • Deena Pierott  (@deenapierott)- I created a Spark, now What?
  • Aaron Epperson (@acepperson) – Customer Service people are no cannor fodder
  • Richard Lazar – When cars, bedrooms, and drones collide with the “regulatory state”, wild things happen
  • Andrew Ferlitsch – Open Data in the Pacific Northwest
  • Bryant Syme (@bryzaguy) – TDD Mythology
  • Charles Austen Angell (@austenangell) – The 10 Design Lessons from Rally Racing
  • Eric Rosenberry (@eprosenx)- Why your business Internet sucks in Oregon and what to do about it 
  • Michael Krause (@olikrause) – Embracing the Challenge of Growing Past Programming

I know right? Not a sweaty Steve Ballmer speech in sight.

If you’re up for it, there’s still time to attend. Just RSVP at Ignite TAO.