What's the easiest way to become a better blogger? It's simple. Just Press Publish.

Blogging. It seems so easy. But let’s be honest. It’s harder than it looks. I mean, if you want to do it well. If you want to do a crap job like I do, it’s fairly easy. Write a fluffy intro, blockquote with extreme prejudice, and then send them on their way. But if you want to actually share your insights and whatnot? Then Press Publish is just what you’ve been seeking.

Do you want to feel more confident blogging with WordPress? Ever wish you knew how notable bloggers built a following, published a book, made money with their blogs, or got their sites to look so nice? Want to connect with other bloggers and tap into the power of the WordPress community?

If any of those answers were “yes,” then Press Publish is for you!

Press Publish is a conference for bloggers who use WordPress (or want to switch), with a whole day of inspirational presentations by successful bloggers and useful tutorials by the people who make WordPress.com and Jetpack — all designed to help you level up your skills and get fired up about your blog.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well get ready to be happy. Press Publish is going to be held in Portland on March 28, 2015.

Best of all? Buying a ticket to Press Publish includes a free year of WordPress.com Premium.

So how do you get involved? And why do I keep starting every paragraph with questions? First things first, Press Publish tickets are only $150. But they’re throwing in that WordPress.com Premium thing I mentioned. Which is a $99 value. So tickets are really only… uh… um… $51. Yes. $51.

Sounds pretty good ri… Crap. I was going to start another paragraph with a question. WTF? ARGH. Just go. Jeez.

The event will take place March 28 in Portland at the Embassy Suites. And you should go. So you can write better posts than this one.

For more information or to secure your spot, visit Press Publish.