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Silicon Florist links arrangement for March 16, 2022 💐

Remote possibilities: This startup is building an Airbnb-style platform for home office rentals

Radious helps users list their home work spaces Airbnb-style, giving people the chance to get out of the house and into another that’s in their neighborhood. Radious also has a B2B focus, working with companies to help their employees get the benefits of in-person collaboration and work-life balance without having to commute to a traditional office.

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Craving the craft of customer support? Maybe it’s in the Margins

There was a time when a product that did something worthwhile was enough. No matter how ugly or unusable. Then people started to expect more. And wanted more functionality. And now, even after the functionality got good, people want more. Like customer support. But that’s still a challenging topic for many companies. Which is why the craft of customer support can be helpful.

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Portland trifecta: Kickstarter, WordPress, and geeking combine for a successful campaign

Portland loves its Kickstarter. And it adores its WordPress. And geeking out? Well that goes without saying. So it makes perfect sense that a Kickstarter project for a geeky project for WordPress would find success here. And that’s exactly what happened. Read More

Willamette Week, WaPo, and WordPress: Portland's popular alt weekly picked first for new digital publishing platform

Psst. PSST! Hey you. Yeah you. C’mere. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Traditional media? They still kind of struggle with this whole Web thing. No. I’m serious. Maybe you’ve known about this for a while. Or maybe you’ve encountered it more recently with untold virtual column inches consumed with conversation about ad blockers or whatever. But whatever the case, it’s true. Traditional media still doesn’t really get with Web. Read More

What's the easiest way to become a better blogger? It's simple. Just Press Publish.

Blogging. It seems so easy. But let’s be honest. It’s harder than it looks. I mean, if you want to do it well. If you want to do a crap job like I do, it’s fairly easy. Write a fluffy intro, blockquote with extreme prejudice, and then send them on their way. But if you want to actually share your insights and whatnot? Then Press Publish is just what you’ve been seeking. Read More

REMINDER: Since that barbecue isn't likely to happen, attend the WordPress 10th Anniversary on Memorial Day

Ah late May in Portland. The February Fakeout is a long distant waterlogged memory. And even though we got a few days of awesomeness over the long weekend, any plans you had to anything outside have likely been dashed at this point. So why not join Portland types and WordPress for its 10th Anniversary? Read More

Party of the decade: WordPress turns 10 and you're invited to celebrate with them

Portland will always take the chance to celebrate. But the tenth anniversary of WordPress? That’s a better excuse than usual.

I’m a huge fan of WordPress. And I know I’m not alone. Read More

Portland just got a little WordPressier: WordPress shop 10up opens Portland office

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Portland loves its WordPress. And so it comes as little surprise that WordPress types love Portland back. The latest example of that love? WordPress wizards 10up have announced they’re opening a Portland office. Read More

Portland loves its WordPress. And now, WordPress loves it right back. With a Janrain partnership.

If you blog in Portland, chances are you’re using WordPress—the blogging and content management platform built by Automattic. And there’s good reason. WordPress has played a defining role in our little tech community. Read More

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