Longing for the days of Geocities? You're going to love Neocities

There was a time before blogs and social media and all of that, when the democratization of the Web was far more simple. And ugly. But everyone has to start somewhere. And many folks started out on Geocities, a platform that enabled you to build your own home on the Web without setting up a server. Well, that magic is back. In a new and prettier way. With Neocities.

Created by Portland developer Kyle Drake, Neocities sought to rekindle some of the same enabling technologies that Geocities provided for many of us—but with a more modern stack. And designed to survive as an open project. Rather than winding up on the Yahoo! acquisition scrap heap.

And people are liking it. More than 40,000 sites have been built on the platform since its launch. And a host of new features should keep that number climbing.

Leave your dancing baby GIFs, Ace Of Base MIDI files and table layouts on the backup drive. We reincarnated free personal web sites for the modern web, and it’s working. Enabled by modern improvements to HTML/CSS/JS, it’s never been easier to make expressive, informative, helpful, weird, and artisticweb sites that stand the test of time.

We’re continuing to work hard to make Neocities even better. Today I’m excited to formally announce the launch of the new Neocities, and show off some of the great new features and capabilities of the site.

The new Neocities features a new editor, site profiles, activity feeds, more storage, subdirectory support, and… wait for it… Web rings.

I know right? Kinda takes you back, doesn’t it?

For more information, visit Neocities.