They grow up so fast: Puppet Labs is 10

It seems like just yesterday that Reductive Labs was moving to Portland. And now look at them, all grown up. In a big new office. With amazing customers. It’s great to see Puppet Labs hitting the 10 year mark.

As cofounder and Reed alum, Luke Kanies shares:

When I started this company in 2005, infrastructure was boring. One of the main struggles was convincing people — developers, investors, sysadmins, my parents — that what I was working on even mattered. They kept asking, “Why bother?”

Well, no one’s saying that anymore. So much has changed, and so much of that change makes it clear that today, every company is a technology company. Everyone we talk to is trying to move faster, while somehow spending less money.

They’ve even put together an awesome timeline of Puppet Labs’ existence.

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