After making file sharing easier, Droplr makes it cheaper. As in free.

In this day and age, we’re constantly sharing stuff. Files, articles, screenshots, videos. Share share share. All this content to spread around. So it’s nice to have tools like Droplr to help with that sharing. Just drag and drop and you’ve got a link. Or just grab a screenshot and fire it off. And now, Droplr just got better. As in cheaper.

File-sharing service Droplr is adopting a freemium business model starting tomorrow. Instead of paying $4.99 per month just to try the service, you’ll be able to download clients on a variety of platforms and immediately share screenshots, images, and video recordings of your desktop directly with friends or on social networks like Twitter.

There’s a catch, of course — the links to files you share under the new free tier will expire after a week. If you want to keep those images around longer (or nifty features like a password-protected files and customized download pages) you have to jump up to the $9.99/month “Droplr Pro” plan.

As more and more of us move our work communications to chat environments—like Slack, Kato, or Hipchat—which dynamically slurp in images and content, a service like Droplr can be the difference between clear communications and unintended confusion. What’s more, in a pinch, it makes a super simple link shortener.

Honestly, it does a whole bunch of stuff. I keep figuring out new ways to put it to work. You should, too.

For more information, see the previous Droplr blog post on all the newness or visit Droplr.

[Full disclosure: Droplr is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. But I’d be using Droplr anyway.]