Mama always said, Tom Hanks characters are like startup spirit animals

You’ve got to hand it to him. Tom Hanks, I mean, that guy. He’s played a variety of characters who are spirit animals for startups and founders. Me? I most readily associate with Forrest Gump. You know, not the brightest. But somehow still always lucky enough to wind up at the right place at the right time. Despite his best efforts to fail.

Or maybe it’s Kip Wilson wondering why this thing that seemed so simple is, actually, incredibly painful. Or Jim Lovell, who took incredible—and known—risks in an attempt to learn something new. Or maybe it’s his role as Josh, with that incredible entrepreneurial naiveté who just did what seemed like the right thing to do.

Honestly, there are any number of the characters you could pick.

But this month, perhaps it’s that most quintessentially entrepreneurial Tom Hanks character that OEN is seeking to embrace with their Startup Summit. That Tom Hanks character who probably has more in common with most startups than anyone, Chuck Noland. A guy who got into things with the best intentions. Only to find himself marooned on a desert island—at wits’ end—with only a small shred of sanity and only a volleyball to keep him company.

So it only makes sense that they’re hosting their latest shindig at… wait for it… Castaway.

All entrepreneurs have a “Wilson” – something they cling to that helps them navigate the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. Join us at Castaway on June 5 to hear from 13 successful Oregon entrepreneurs about how they persist through hard times.

Best of all? You’re not stranded. You can still attend. But you have to hurry. It’s taking place this Friday.

For more information or to grab your ticket, visit the OEN Startup Summit.