Startup PDX Challenge alum NoAppFee.com launches beta

It’s been a good week for the Startup PDX Challenge, a program launched by the Portland Development Commission to help incubate and accelerate early stage companies in town—an effort which has been further refined with them focusing on diverse founding teams. Portland Mayor Charlie Hales’ budget has some money earmarked to enhance the PDC’s efforts. And they have an alum who just launched a beta, NoAppFee.com.

NoAppFee.com is a national property registry which stores property listings with their unique screening criteria. The platform matches residents and landlords by pure data, reducing the risk of a resident being denied, eliminating multiple application fees, and saving the renter from the cumbersome task of driving from property to property before finding a place to live.

Mayor Hales said, “No App Fee, Inc. is an organization that recognizes the importance of equal access to housing. I’m inspired by this company and its collaborative efforts to address one of the city’s most important issues: fair housing.”

Company founder and CEO Tyrone Poole said, “While the service will benefit the general public, it will also empower and assist some of Portland’s most vulnerable low-income and homeless people to find housing with less effort and at a lower cost.”

For more information, visit NoAppFee.com.