Got a favorite tech founder? Nominate her or him for the OEN Wyatt Starnes Memorial Award

For all the things we do well, we do an incredibly poor job of celebrating successes and recognizing hard working startups around here. I blame our aggressive humility. But you can still be humble while ensuring someone else gets the recognition she or he deserves. By nominating your favorite founder for the OEN Wyatt Starnes Memorial Award.

The Wyatt Starnes Memorial Award honors early-stage tech entrepreneurs in Oregon or Southwest Washington who will carry on Wyatt’s legacy. To be considered, you must embody Wyatt’s distinguishing qualities — demonstrating enthusiasm, willingness to work hard toward a goal, fearlessness when it comes to taking big risks, and commitment to changing the world for the better.

Now I know you just thought of a few tech founders who embody that. So get to work on that nomination.

But you better hurry. Nominations close tonight.

For more information on this and other awards, visit the OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards nominations.