No matter how shaky your pitch is, it's still good enough to earn you a beer from Portland Seed Fund

Running a startup is a lesson in always defending what you’re doing. Always selling the concept. And always trying to get other people to appreciate the value and potential of your brilliance. You’re just always pitching. And refining that pitch. It’s not easy. And that’s why the Portland Seed Fund thinks your pitch is worth a beer.

Working on a startup? Have an interesting business idea that’s going to disrupt the market?

Come enjoy pizza & beer on us and pitch that idea to Portland Seed Fund – a professionally managed early-venture fund with 58 seed and early-stage investments.

You’ll have five minutes to pitch PSF alumni, fund managers and mentors. There will also be time for you to learn more about becoming a Portland Seed Fund company from the alumni who’ve been through it.

This isn’t a spectator event. You’re either pitching or you’re part of the PSF alum and mentor network. No lookie loos.

The event will be held Tuesday, July 28, 2015, at Old Town Brewing at MLK. Things kick off around 4:30PM. Space is limited so if you’d like to pitch, you’re required to RSVP.

For more information or to grab a ticket, visit Portland Seed Fund: Pitch for a beer. For more on the fund, visit Portland Seed Fund.