How do you really feel about work? Portland startup Quiply seeks to provide deeper insights into workplaces

With talent at a premium and folks having the opportunity to choose from any number of companies, making the right decision takes more than salary numbers and outward facing marketing—especially in a town like Portland where you’re likely to be working there for several years. That’s why Portland startup Quiply is interesting.

Quiply has set out to help potential employees better understand the cultures and foibles of companies by hearing directly from the current employees. And brand new functionality now allows users to get beyond general comments about the companies, allowing them to drill down into department by department behavior. So you’ll be able to tell if that company with a fantastic marketing department is equally fantastic in development. Or sales. Or whatever.

We created quiply to help people have their voices heard in the workplace. People want to do a great job and they want their companies to succeed. But if they’re an individual contributor, they often have no way to share their opinions within the company and have their voices heard without fear of consequences. We believe that a trusted platform that enables people to find and plug into relevant anonymous and authentic conversations about their workplace, to anonymously share workplace experiences, to make their opinions known, to provide feedback on their managers, company executives and the company itself, and to engage in relevant conversations easily and quickly is a valuable resource for the workplace. Registered users of the service will be able to see all content and take it into account when they are making job and/or career decisions.

The app is free. And is currently available for download from the App Store.

And if you like where they’re going with this, they happen to be featured on Product Hunt today, as well.