Thumbs up: These Portland speakers hope to be on stage at SXSW. You can help.

Yes, we’re in the final hours of TFNW. But it’s not too early to think about SXSW. And one of the best things about SXSW is that it’s one of the few massive technology conferences that allows the crowd to provide input on speakers and panels. They do it through the SXSW PanelPicker. And it’s always nice to see some Portland types in the running for a spot.

So if you’ve got a few minutes this weekend, maybe kick back and click on a few of these proposals. At the very least we’ll be getting the “Keep Austin weird” mixed with the “Keep Portland weird.”

$1Billion Day One – Startup Sells Apple Retail

Most people don’t realize that a 4-person startup sold Apple their in-store payment tool. Excerpt: “It was Thanksgiving (Thursday night) in 2009. Thousands of hardware units had been shipped out and received all over the globe; in the almost 300 Apple retail store locations. And the next day, often referred to as “Black Friday”, they would be clipped onto the backs of Apple iPods, powered up and put into service…for the first time… without a pilot.” Attend this session and hear about insurmountable odds, ludicrous bets, ingenuity shored up by tenacity and audacity, and most of all scale. Everyone has ideas. Some of those ideas become companies. But the ones that scale win.

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“Anti Process” – Throw Away the Red Tape

Take away red tape from your company’s process and apocalyptical chaos will not follow. By creating an environment in your company without structure, you remove the restrictions placed on creativity and collaboration. This is “anti-process.” Join Amie Pascal from Portland-based digital creative agency Instrument for a 101 on how the anti-process can rejuvenate team dynamics, deep diving into the work of critical thinking and creative methods, adaptability, and collaboration. Amie won’t just discuss how to use anti-process to solve your company’s problems, but will help you challenge your typical norms and identify the “special sauce” in your organization.

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Crowdfunding Mini-IPOs with the Bitcoin Blockchain

On Wall Street, one company runs the stock ownership ledger for 99% of US stocks. Because only stock brokerages are allowed to update this ledger, the cost of doing business through this system means that only very large corporations can raise money through an IPO.

But! New regulations are making it easier for small and emerging businesses to conduct mini-IPOs. But who’s going to manage the ledger for this new class of shares? Are we going back to a paper certificate system?

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#EventProfs Meetup

The #EventProfs Meetup is an opportunity for event professionals at SXSW to meet face to face and talk about the new advances, issues, and opportunities in the events industry. This meetup will provide valuable networking for the community of people who share their ideas, stories, and case studies on social media all year with the popular hashtag #eventprofs. Discussions will be open to the whole room & community to share their thoughts and opinions on the trends in the industry.

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Evolution of Hacker Culture In Media

Hackers are often portrayed in movies as anti-social, awkward and general misfits of society. However this stereotype has evolved over the years as cyber security becomes more mainstream and what was once the basement dwelling misfit is now celebrated as a rock star. In addition film makers and writers have started to do more research in order to make their stories more realistic and legitimate amongst techies who know the difference between and IP and a GUI. In this talk I will show how this evolution maps to the real world of cyber security and what it means for the future of hacking in the media and film.

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<a href="http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/46277&quot; title="“>Hackanomics 101: Point-of-Sale to Point-of-Fail

Target, Home Depot and and a number of other retailers have been hit by hackers stealing millions of credit card numbers and other data giving rise to what is being called a “mega breach”. These recent breaches and the escalating cybersecurity threats all businesses face are fueled by thriving underground markets selling consumer credit card account numbers, malware, and other malicious tools and services. Learn from an insider deep in the trenches how cyber attackers think in choosing a target, how they infiltrate a network and extract valuable information, how they buy and sell stolen consumer data, how cyber threats are evolving, and where they’re likely headed next.

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How Stumptown Roasted the Coffee Industry

As the consumer demand for bespoke offerings continues to rise, stories of Davids triumphing over Goliaths are now the norm across all industries. Hear how Portland-based Stumptown coffee became connoisseurs of their customers’ behaviors and how understanding these nuances allowed them to grow their business from one location to taking a slice out of a multi-billion dollar company’s profits. Executives from Stumptown and digital partner Instrument will dive into three digital consumer segments which can be found in any industry: the aficionado, epicurean and the new insider and provide a step-by-step guide on best practices to reach each. And yes, coffee will be served.

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I Love It When a (Marketing) Plan Comes Together!

Ask today’s leading brands what makes their marketing teams successful, and you’ll likely hear echoes of Hannibal’s ethos— it’s all about the plan. And it’s never been more crucial than ever to plan meaningful storytelling experiences across multiple global channels.

We’ve assembled an A-Team of brand marketing experts from Microsoft, Nike and Starbucks, together with the planning experts at Opal, to discuss complex planning for integrated marketing campaigns.

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Innovating through Game Play

Great things don’t happen in a vacuum. But creating an environment for creative thinking and innovation can be an intimidating challenge. How can you make it happen at your company? By trying a new technique and breaking out of the traditional brainstorm or focus group scenario. Using play to solve problems or gain customer insight can deliver exponential benefits.What if you face a problem that does not have a clear goal? We often try to use the same approach for all problems without much success. Games as activities can make apparent a variety of possible paths towards the fuzzy goal. The defined space, simple rules, and unpredictable outcomes of games make them ideal for this situation.

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Leveraging Utilities for the Innovation Ecosystem

A panel of three utility economic development and community affairs experts explain innovation ecosystems projects from their own communities that they support. They will explain the unique resources a utility brings to economic development, particularly in the fields of innovation and technology. Finally, you will hear how you can leverage those unique resources for your own innovation ecosystems.

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A New Take on the Social Command Center

We all love the idea of a social media command center. It is easy to envision a room full of interactive wall to wall displays like in Mission Impossible or the Bourne Identity that show real-time activity across social networks, enabling instantaneous response and engagement with customers.

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Policy Crowdsourcing: Innovators Find A New Voice

In 2016, the Kauffman Foundation and Glasshouse Policy will introduce a new paradigm in policy development. On this panel, Kauffman will introduce a baseline policy matrix which will drive policy conversations in 6 key innovation hubs in 2016. Glasshouse will introduce a policy crowdsourcing tool to support, assess, and report on community trends and priorities. Senior stakeholders like Senator Moran (Kansas) and Mayor Hales (Portland) will comment on the challenges and opportunities that these disruptive policy products could provide.

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Pro Sports & MarTech: Converting Fans to FANATICS!

In an industry where fan enthusiasm can change with a team’s W-L record, professional sports franchises must compete for fan loyalty both on and off the court. Learn how top marketing executives from the Portland Trail Blazers and Detroit Pistons leveraged marketing technology to convert fair-weather fans into die-hard enthusiasts that boosted ticket sales and increased game attendance. From beacons to mobile, hear why marketing automation is one of the biggest trends in the NBA, NFL, MBA and NHL today, the marketing challenges facing franchises, and how the same principles of engaging with consumers personally and at-scale can transform your brand, regardless of the industry.

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Scaling Innovation: Startup to Corporation

Innovation is about transformation, the realization of something new & almost always includes letting go of something old. It’s a word that’s become personified by many recent business models. We’ve heard or read a C-level pronounce “We don’t want to get ‘Ubered,’” in reference to said companies success in disrupting transportation services across the world & helping to foster the sharing economy. But how do you foster innovation within your organization? With the the right people.

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Telling Health Stories with Interactive Storymaps

In this workshop, participants will go beyond the numbers and learn how to make different types of personal, geographic, and social determinants data interact to paint a complete picture of personal or public health. This interactive workshop will use Esri’s storymapping technology and teach participants how to find health data, combine different data, and display them through interactive storymaps that create unique, holistic depiction of personal and community health. Bringing your own health data is encouraged!

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<a href="http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/57473&quot; title="“>Women in Food: Breaking Out of Traditional Roles

We are inundated with food programming on television and online, but women have continued to be relegated to 1950s-era traditional gender roles. Meet a group of women who are stepping out from that stereotypical role and getting their hands dirty to show the world where our food comes from. From hunting to fishing to farming to butchering, we are finally seeing the way women contribute to our food system.

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Zero Turnover: Fostering Healthy Creative Culture

Wines’ living, breathing case study is his indie music agency, Marmoset. Based in Portland it’s a start-up (with strong tech roots) worth taking note of. Privately funded, they’ve grown 490% over the past 3 years, taking too many awards and accolades to list along the way. The best part is in the five years since Marmoset’s launch, not a single person has quit or resigned. Not one.

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(Hat tip to Alan Cassinelli for gathering a big chunk of this list.)

[Full disclosure: I am an advisor to the SXSW Accelerator.]

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    Other Oregonians include
    http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/57225 is a pretty cool education panel.

    (And if you want to plug your neighbors to the east… there are two Idaho proposals
    #55003 education
    #57057 on entrep ecosystems [shameless self-promotion 🙂 ]

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