Better beta-ing: Riviera Build enables mobile developers to beta test apps on both Android and iOS

While many folks dream of having an app in the App Store or Google Play store, rising above the noise means having an app that works—and works well. For that, you have to test it. And get criticism. But getting that feedback can be difficult if you can’t even share the beta version of that app with folks. That’s why Portland’s Riviera Build is working to help ease the beta process for mobile developers.

Riviera Build has reached v1.0! It is out of beta and ready for everyone to use. It’s build distribution and application management coupled with a powerful API will enable an entirely automated distribution chain for your beta testers and internal users. Join today and get a 30 day Prototyper account for free.

Riviera Build focuses on mobile application distribution: distributing a mobile application should never take any of your time, with this in mind we created the easiest and fastest way of sharing an application.

For more information, read the blog post announcing Riviera Build 1.0. Or to try it yourself, visit Riviera Build