If you read one post today, start reading this one so that you can actually read the one you should read

I write stuff. A lot. I write a lot of stuff. Constantly. Blog posts. Tweets. Emails. Slack updates. And while I like to think I do a decent job of highlighting projects, rarely is my writing revelatory. Or brave. So when someone writes something that is difficult and revelatory? I notice.

Like take Leah Weitz, from Portland’s Cloudability. Who wrote something this week that needed to be said. About the all too prevalent bro and frat culture at tech events.

It sucks.

….but it’s not the end of the world. For every bad encounter, there are so many more good ones. And I am so glad for that—in fact, I would love to simply dwell on the fact that the vast majority of the folks that I meet at tech events are lovely. But improving that ratio of good-to-bad depends on recognizing and reacting to the bad.

But not everyone appreciates this kind of honesty.


So if you read one post today—and why for the love of Mike are you still reading my drivel—please go read Leah’s thoughtful post.

  1. A lot of the comments reek of “she was asking for it.” Super sad and sorry she has to deal with that too, I can empathize for sure.

  2. The comments coming from HN are so incredibly depressing.

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