Builders gonna build: PDX Code Community forms to support those in PDX Code School limbo

If you haven’t been following the PDX Code School story, you should jump over to Malia Spencer’s coverage of what’s happening. It’s been a mess but her work has been nothing short of excellent. To summarize, PDX Code School abruptly closed over the weekend—as in locks changed and stuff—leaving students and instructors in a lurch. A few days later? The industrious and motivated community has formed their own group: PDX Code Community.

On the weekend of October 16, 2015, Portland Code School was abruptly shut down by its Los Angeles owner. Students and instructors were given no advance notice. The locks on the doors of the school were changed to prevent anyone from entering, and no provision was made for the completion of classes that were in session.

Now, with the students left on their own, they need places to meet and study, mentors to help guide their final projects, a place to showcase their final projects, and advisors to help them in the job search process.

In spite of this difficult situation, we’re not giving up! If you, or anyone you know, can help out in any of the ways listed below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

So whether you were part of the PDX Code School community or simply want to help, please visit PDX Code Community.

(Image courtesy Bill Automata. Used under Creative Commons.)