A whole new crop of startups join the Portland startup scene with Oregon Story Board Demo Day

Fine. I’ll admit it. I love demo days. If only because I know how much awful turmoil, stress, and ad nauseam pitch practice go into the effort. And all of those hours and days and weeks of effort culminate in a few brief moments of glory on stage—where amazing founders get the chance to reveal their startups to the world. It really is amazing. So forgive me, if I spend a few minutes highlighting the startups that took the stage for Story Board Demo Day.

So here was who we saw:


The PIE alums came back with a new pitch on how they help companies with the business of building games. See how they company and the pitch have evolved since PIE Demo Day, way back when. See the pitch.


A Portland Startup Weekend alum took to Story Board to build out their company. It’s a service that helps freelance creatives find the companies that fit them best. And helps companies save time hiring the talent that they need. See the pitch.

Rose City Game Consulting

The power of indie game creatives meets the financial backing of brands who want to create compelling content. Rose City Game Consulting kicks off their company with a huge brand name with compelling characters for game designers. See the pitch.

Original Fare

Today’s food industry is complex, chaotic, and full of misinformation. Original Fare is using the show as a platform to further folks’ connection with the food they consume. See the pitch.


Ping pong tables won’t solve the tech culture problem. It takes a more deliberate approach to culture. That’s where Edify comes in. See the pitch.


Incredibly talented visual effects artists have joined forces to help moviemakers think outside the camera. And they’ve got a few technology tricks up their proverbial sleeves. See the pitch.


What if we thought of books as a platform for launching deeper conversations with technology? Morebots uses new and existing books to further stories with the power of the Internet. See the pitch.


A Story Board alum returns to tell the highlight their progress. Now any Oregon resident can invest in private companies for as low as $10. See the pitch.


What if virtual reality were a little less virtual? WILD explores the blending of the virtual and physical world in way that makes entering VR environments more immersive and experiential. See the pitch.

For more information, visit Story Board.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and a paid advisor for Oregon Story Board.]