Want to get startuppy for the State of Oregon? Entrepreneurship Strategist could be the job for you

The State of Oregon has been putting more and more time and energy into assisting our entrepreneurs and startups through Business Oregon. But you and I both know that there’s a ton going on. And if you don’t know that, trust me. There’s a lot going on. I mean a lot. So what’s Oregon to do? Staff up.

The State of Oregon is currently seeking an Entrepreneurship Strategist. What’s that? Well, it’s actually classified as an Operations & Policy Analyst 4. But it’s focused on startups.

The Entrepreneurship Strategist will Support the development and execution of entrepreneurial ecosystem-building strategies which craft economic development recommendations to grow the state’s innovation-based economy. Leading the division’s partnership strategies with stakeholders who provide technical services to various stages of entrepreneurs. Industries targeted are based on the findings of the Oregon Innovation Plan, developed by the Oregon Innovation Council, which is a Council appointed by the Governor and Legislature. This position has the primary responsibility for working with the State Legislature and Governor’s Office for approval of entrepreneurial capacity-building programs. Utilize extensive partnership-building, marketing and project management to connect the dots between a diverse set of stakeholders around the state to organize and promote Business Oregon strategies. Provide staff support to partner programs, events and through communications and social media. Interact with Oregon’s businesses at executive levels in order to build a cohesive strategy and shared vision for the state’s entrepreneurial efforts. Research best practices in other states/countries with respect to the knowledge economy and assist with policy development. Prepare reports and testimony to the Legislature. Assist in the development of programs, develop and oversee contracts, and provide staff assistance for Council meetings.

Sound interesting? You should apply.