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Looking for some Ruby on Rails help? Railsdevs are standing by

Finding talent is hard. Finding tech talent can be downright impossible. But if you’re in the market for a Ruby on Rails developer, a new local resource may be able to help ease the struggle. Meet railsdevs.

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Looking for a tech new job? This handy site scans Twitter for your next gig

Sifting through job sites is a pain. (I mean, except for the Silicon Florist job board which is an absolute joy.) And trying to keep track of who is hiring what tech gig on Twitter can be challenging. That’s why there’s findtechjobs.io.

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Who’s hiring in Portland or looking for remote workers?

With the recent news of both Simple and Azlo shutting down, companies are going to have access to some amazing Portland talent — in addition to all of the awesome folks who are already looking for a new day job. Here are some of the companies that currently have job openings for that talent according to the Silicon Florist job board.

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Capturing corporate culture in The Silicon Forest: What’s it like to work at Tripgrid?

Even in all of this weirdness, companies are still growing and hiring. And The Silicon Forest is working hard to be the go-to resource for those folks. Ensuring that everyone has easy access to all of the jobs that folks are looking to fill.

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Planning to hire in the new year? Grab your job posts now before prices go up

At the onset of the pandemic, Silicon Florist slashed job board pricing in half to help ensure that companies that had jobs to post had less of a barrier to do so. In 2021, however, the plan is to return those prices to their previous levels.

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Who’s currently hiring in Portland tech?

Looking for a new gig is hard enough. Looking for a new gig during a global pandemic can be even more stressful. That’s why I’m always happy to see Portland area companies promoting their job openings on the Silicon Florist job board.

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Looking for work? These companies are hiring

Finding work is difficult enough when times are good. Let alone when times are like, well, now. So I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the folks who have posted job openings to the Silicon Florist job board.

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Let folks know you’re hiring Portland tech and startup types at half the usual price on the Silicon Florist job board

For nearly a decade, the Silicon Florist job board has been a go to resource for folks looking to land jobs in Portland startups and tech companies around town. Hundreds of companies and thousands of employees have connected because of job postings there. But these days — I have to be honest — it’s looking a little sparse.

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Looking for a new job? Lots of opportunities in Portland and beyond

“Sobering” is a staggering understatement when describing the unemployment numbers. A wealth of talented and creative folks have suddenly found themselves without work. And there’s no telling when the downward trend will cease. But there are still companies hiring. So for their sake — and the sake of anyone else looking for a new job — I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the job openings.

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With all of the layoffs happening in and around Portland, would you be interested in a virtual job fair as a job seeker or employer?

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