Want to grab a beer? Let's gather for Beer and Blog as Portland Startup Week draws to a close

The folklore is true. There used to be an event—back in the day—that would draw hundreds of folks from the Portland startup and tech scene together, every Friday. It was how many of us met one another, shared ideas, schemed, and discovered ways to connect and build the amazing community we have today.

Now, while I don’t expect this to match the gatherings of old, we’ll be getting together for Beer and Blog, Friday afternoon. At the Green Dragon. Just like we used to. As Portland Startup Week starts winding down.

Rumor has it that some folks may be even buying drinks.

Beer and Blog

Long story short, it would be awesome if you had time to join us. Even if you haven’t attended any Portland Startup Week events. Even if you have no interest in beer. Or cider. Or that sort of thing. Even if you’re only available for a short bit. Come hang out at Beer and Blog. Like the old days. Or something. And stuff.

If you’re even remotely interested, just RSVP so that we can give the Green Dragon a heads up on numbers.

(Image courtesy Aaron Hockley. Used under Creative Commons.)

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