Love building games? Cartoon Network wants to be your Portland game building Valentine

I don’t know about you, but for me, games and cartoons seem like a perfect match. Creative, fantastical worlds. The ability to live outside of the confines of earthly physics. It’s really a blank slate. So combining the two? It could be amazing. That’s why I’m so excited to see what comes out of the Cartoon Network Game Jam, happening Valentine’s Day weekend.

Developed in partnership with Rose City Game Consulting—a company founded by long time indie gamer fixture Will Lewis to do just this sort of thing—the Game Jam will seek to find creative independent game developers who can work their magic with CN characters.

At the Cartoon Network Game Jam, game makers will be coming together to make games in a 48-hour competition on-site in Portland, OR based on awesome Cartoon Network stories and characters! If you’re a game maker and want to participate in this event, please fill out the below application which will be reviewed for eligibility to compete.

All individuals participating in the jam must apply and register. After completing this application, it will be reviewed by event staff within the following two weeks. Upon determination of eligibility, applicants will receive a password for the Cartoon Network Game Jam Eventbrite, pay a non-refundable fee ($20), and secure their slot in the event. For more details, please visit our FAQ.

Which characters? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s my assumption that it will be the recently announced property that marks Cartoon Networks’ first foray beyond television.

Through its artist incubator Cartoon Network Studios, the company launches its first original mobile game today. OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo has a CN pedigree (it was developed by Steven Universe’s Ian Jones-Quartey and coproduced with Regular Show storyboard artist Toby Jones) and sounds like exactly what you’d expect from the network: child superheroes, robo-villains, colorful scenes, and a flick at evil superstores trying to destroy small businesses for the good guys. But the game represents much more than just CN bringing its sensibility to mobile gaming.

OK K.O. marks a significant shift for Cartoon Network: it’s the first time the network has opened a new universe of characters outside of its TV shows. And it’s the beginning of a new strategy for the company. “We’re no longer just about creating TV series, we’re really about creating animated worlds,” Rob Sorcher, Cartoon Network’s chief content officer, says. “And so we want the ability to unfold those [worlds] onto any platform—and ultimately all platforms.”

Awesome right? That’s right. And it’s all happening right here. In your backyard. So get to it. And prepare to jam, Portland.

To be considered for the Jam, you’ll need to apply. Just want to see the results? You’re welcome to join the Cartoon Network Game Jam After Party.

[Full disclosure: Rose City Game Consulting is an alum of Oregon Story Board. I am the cofounder of Story Board.]